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Prescribing with Care

Your Adult ADHD and Mood Disorders Psychiatrist in San Antonio, TX



Yes, I am open to new cases. Please understand that due to an overwhelming number of folks calling, I am accepting fewer patients than before, and I am not treating all diagnoses. Your time is valuable, and I run the practice from this perspective. I, too, hate going to a doctor's office and waiting an hour past my appointment time. I run on time almost always (it is VERY rare that I am more than 5-10 minutes behind), and for this reason I ask that existing patients be on time for appointments and new patients come early. There is, of course, the occasional emergency, but the primary reason I fall behind is because patients run late. The flip side of that is my missed appointment policy. If you feel that paying for a missed appointment (see Payment Information for exactly how my financial policies work) is unacceptable, you are better off finding a doctor whose policies suit you. If you are a new patient, I will do EVERYTHING I CAN to get you seen quickly. Please understand, though, that I cannot cancel existing appointments solely to fit in a new patient. We absolutely call new patients whenever there's a cancellation to get you in as soon as possible. I am very fortunate and just plain blessed to be a busy guy with a busy practice, but there's just one of me! If you would like to schedule, please call us at 210-490-9850. If we haven't called back within one business day, call again! While I think we do a great job at returning calls, we're not perfect. We absolutely try hard--I take your problems, and customer service, very seriously.

  • Diagnosis Accepted:

    Right now, I am accepting new patients for the evaluation and treatment of ADHD, and only a very limited number of patients with other diagnoses.  I do not see children.

    Virtual Appointments:

    Busy schedule? Live out of town? Don't like to wear pants? While your first appointment and periodic follow-up appointments need to be in person, for many uncomplicated patients, we can handle some routine follow-up appointments virtually.  I use the Spruce app for video appointments, a secure, encrypted, and HIPAA-compliant way of having an appointment as long as you have a smartphone, tablet, or camera-equipped computer. For particularly complex situations, as well as patients on controlled meds, like Adderall, I may require in-person appointments, but again, this is a very convenient way for most patients to follow up without having to leave their home or office.   The laws regarding out-of-state appointments are not as clear, so I do restrict video appointments to patients residing in Texas.  Also, if someone requires very close monitoring (needs hospitalization, for example), I will likely instruct them to seek care closer to them. 

  • There is, sadly, a shortage of psychiatrists.  Right now, I am accepting new patients for the evaluation and treatment of ADHD, and only a very limited number of patients with other diagnoses. The current wait time, as of this update,  is about three months - and that's with me working two Saturdays a month.  

  patients do cancel with some frequency.  A lot of folks cancel because they need to get seen sooner, so they go elsewhere. 

    CALL US AND GET SCHEDULED- let my staff know what's going on with you, and that you're available on short notice, if you need to be seen more quickly.  You'd be surprised how often slots open up in the schedule last minute (as in, with less than 24 hours notice)! It is not uncommon for us to call folks and offer a same or next day appointment.  We will also call and/or text before your appointment to see if you still need it, so if you get in elsewhere sooner, we understand (But please, cancel the appointment with me, so you don't lose your deposit)!

    Phone: (210)490-9850

  • Rates:


    Please call for rates or view my Billing & Insurance page


    I am confident that my rates are very competitive with most Psychiatrists.  The first session will be sixty minutes.  For most patients, follow up appointments after the initial evaluation are thirty minutes long. I may request sixty minute appointments for particularly complex situations. I do expect you to pay for the services at the time of the appointment. You can store your credit card information on Stripe if you choose to pay online.


    My full financial information is part of the new patient information packet you'll fill out. 


    Deposit for first appointment:

    You will need to leave a $125 deposit for your New Patient Appointment.  This can be via credit card, check or cash. This deposit will be refunded if you cancel your appointment 48 hours ahead of time. If you wish to cancel with less than 48 hours,  we will make every effort to fill your appointment. If we can do so, we'll refund your deposit. 


    Late Cancellations and Missed Appointments:

    Missed Appointments are charged at full rate. To avoid this, please cancel your appointment at least 24 hours ahead of time.  Missed appointment fees are waived for medical emergencies or obvious illness.  I'll be as flexible as I can, but, I can't get that time back.

    Many patients ask me about missed appointment fees.  There is a shortage of Psychiatrists.  The reality is that at least once a week, I am asked to see a new patient urgently, but I cannot do so because my schedule won't accommodate this.  A missed appointment is more than just an inconvenience, it prevented someone else from getting care.  This includes not canceling your first appointment in enough time for me to fill the appointment with another patient.



    I am not contracted with any health insurance company, nor Medicare nor Medicaid.  This means that payment is due in full at the time of service.  We are happy to provide you with any necessary documentation so that you may submit the claim to your private health insurance company (e.g. Blue Cross, Aetna) for possible reimbursement.  This does NOT apply for Medicare, if you wish to see me, a separate agreement will be signed demonstrating that you understand Medicare will NOT reimburse you for my services.  I do not see patients covered under Medicaid.

  • Before 2020 and COVID, I would have patients print and fill out forms to bring to the first appointment. 


    Now, once you have scheduled your appointment (that is, have an actual appointment date and have paid your deposit),  just click this link:  You will be taken to a secure website to complete all the forms and see my practice policies.


    I REALLY do need the new patient information back before the appointment, and I may bug you via email or text if I haven't gotten yours before we meet. 


    If there isn't enough room to get me information, you can shoot me a separate email.


    I have done my best to keep the paperwork as brief as possible, for your convenience and to be environmentally friendly by converting to a paperless office. 

    If you need to download a Release of Information, please print THIS DOCUMENT out, fill it out and return it to me so that I can be in contact with your family, another doctor, or your counselor/therapist.

  • Ok, now that you have an appointment and you've done all the steps, it's time to just BREATHE.  Feel free to make a list of what you want to tell me and bring it to the appointment.

    If you have trouble with the breathing/relaxing part, check out this Breathing and Relaxation Exercise

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