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Prescribing with Care

Your Adult ADHD and Mood Disorders Psychiatrist in San Antonio, TX

210-490-9850 Phone

210-899-1432 Fax

Please call to set up your appointment

If you are a new patient, please do not email, just call the office and staff will be happy to help.

What to Expect

I want you to be relaxed for our first visit. Please don't be anxious about coming to talk with a Psychiatrist.  I'm just a dude.  We're just going to talk.  No hypnosis, no lying on the couch, just sixty minutes of me helping you make sense of all this.


Please complete your online patient intake forms at least a few days before our intake session. And please, please, please, be early for your first appointment.

This will reduce everybody's stress (people seem to miss our exit off of 281 a lot), and we will get a full hour together. 

Here's what we'll talk about

  • The current problem

  • How it has affected your performance

  • How it has affected your relationships

  • Your medical background, and medications you have taken

  • Your coping strategies- both good (e.g. exercise, spirituality) and not so good (e.g. eating thin mints by the loaf)

  • How you became the person you are now

  • Your goals for treatment


We'll use the last 20 minutes or so of our hour coming up with a treatment strategy.  This might involve exercise, habit changes, referral for counseling, addressing spiritual issues, and the like.  This is NOT just about which medicine to take.  The reality is, of course, that I am a Psychiatrist and most referrals involve determining the right medication regimen for you.  But I can assure you I want to know how other things in life are going, too.  Medicine isn't going to fix a marriage, or find a job--but it certainly can reduce aggravating symptoms and improve quality of life, so that healthier coping strategies can start working!


People often ask if I do counseling.  The answer is "ABSOLUTELY," although due to cost and the time constraints of a Psychiatrist, I don't have, for example, patients who come for an hour once or twice a week.  But I will not just focus on medication, I will always ask about other facets of your life.


For patients who do need regular, weekly counseling, I have a wonderful network of colleagues to whom I refer.  It is common practice, and cost effective, for folks to see me for meds and their counselor for talk therapy.


PLEASE, oh please, come early for your first appointment (you saw that above). I'm sure neither one of us wants to feel "rushed."  


Before your appointment, I will pull up your information on the Texas Prescription Monitoring Program (PMP) website. This provides me access to your previous prescriptions for controlled drugs (e.g. opiate pain medication like Vicodin or Tylenol #3, benzodiazepines like Xanax or Valium, and stimulant medication like Adderall, Ritalin or Vyvanse).   It is helpful for me to know if these types of drugs have been prescribed, or are currently being prescribed by another provider. 


It is very helpful if you bring to the appointment:

  • Your medication bottles

  • Records from prior outpatient or inpatient treatment

  • A written summary of your past medications.

  • Any written notes that will help us stay on track, to make sure we cover what's important.

  • If you would like, bring a good friend or family member who knows your situation well.  For your privacy, of course, this is not a requirement.  But it sure is helpful if I can ask your spouse, for example, what their biggest concerns are for you...

At the end of the appointment, I'll provide you with a written summary of our initial plan.  I'll send your prescriptions electronically to your pharmacy and also order any necessary blood work or other tests.

Your First Appointment

Office Hours

Monday - Thursday: 8:15 AM to 4:45 PM

Friday: 9:15 AM to 12:00 Noon

Quote "I'll take care of you and you take care of me...You take care of you for me, and I'll take care of me" for you!

The Spruce App- Your Point of Contact

You will provided a link for the Spruce app after your first appointment. This is a secure messaging app through which we can text, email, even have video and phone appointments. It also allows us to send secure documents.  This will be how you'll contact me for medication requests, questions, that sort of thing. I will also send practice announcements through the app. 

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