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Prescribing with Care

Your Adult ADHD and Mood Disorders Psychiatrist in San Antonio, TX

Treating Adult ADHD and Mood Disorders

Psychiatry with a whole person approach

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Hi, I'm Dr. Jeff Benzick, your psychiatrist for adult ADHD and mood disorders in San Antonio, TX.  

I really do love my job and I hope that it shows in our interactions.  I want your experience at the office to be the best you've ever had with your doctor.  Goalie for the San Antonio Burritos Box Lacrosse team I am a proud and lucky husband and father! If I'm not in the office, I'm chasing around four kids/stepkids, on a long run or playing/coaching lacrosse.

Dr. Jeff Benzick, smiling warmly and excited to help.
Medication Management

My care philosophy is built on the idea that psychiatric medications are to be used thoughtfully, if at all. I won't tolerate my patients feeling "like a zombie" after taking medication. This is very unpleasant for you, as you are already struggling with the circumstances of life. Let's focus on returning to your definition of wellness, rather than labelling you as "sick."

Lifestyle and Nutrition

Be a participant in your care, not a patient! Exercise, a proper diet, weight loss, and even some supplements can help you reduce the need for medication, so I encourage folks to incorporate these into their treatment regimen.


Yes, I am open to new cases. Please understand that due to an overwhelming number of folks calling, I am accepting fewer patients than before, and I am not treating all diagnoses.

Billing & Insurance

I am not contracted with any health insurance company, nor Medicare nor Medicaid. This means that payment is due in full at the time of service. We are happy to provide you with any necessary documentation so that you may submit the claim to your private health insurance company (e.g. Blue Cross, Aetna) for possible reimbursement. This does NOT apply for Medicare, if you wish to see me, a separate agreement will be signed demonstrating that you understand Medicare will NOT reimburse you for my services. I do not see patients covered under Medicaid.

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Older Teens and Adults

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