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Your Adult ADHD and Mood Disorders Psychiatrist in San Antonio, TX

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What to do about drug shortages (especially ADHD meds!)

Navigating Drug Shortages: A Guide for Patients

Stay Informed:

Communicate with Healthcare Providers:

Explore Alternatives:

Plan Ahead:

Advocate for Yourself:

In conclusion, while drug shortages pose challenges, being proactive and informed can help you navigate these situations effectively.

We can almost always come up with a solution if your medication isn't available. Don't get overwhelmed!

And--another novel idea. In some situations we may even be able to use the opportunity to reduce or remove medications. I'll keep looking for integrative/complementary options to treat your condition.

For more detailed information on drug shortages and patient advice, you can refer to resources provided by the American Medical Association and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration45.

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