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Your Adult ADHD and Mood Disorders Psychiatrist in San Antonio, TX

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Integrative Treatments

Leave no stone unturned--The Oracle of Delphi, Euripides, Heracleidae

After almost 25 years in practice, I find that I'm questioning a lot of what I was taught in training, and looking more toward plant based and other alternative therapies. As a consumer you're faced with innumerable choices regarding vitamins, herbs, light-based therapies, neuromodulation techniques like neurofeedback, mindfulness-based strategies, and even psychedelics. What I want you to know is that I do, indeed, believe in all of these as effective therapeutic interventions. It's important to follow the data, though, and I won't recommend anything unless I feel comfortable that there is adequate data to support it. That being said, this stuff is fascinating and I'm genuinely enjoying learning about it.

I'm especially fascinated by the psychedelics--psilocybin, ibogaine, and the like, and very much look forward to the development of approved protocols for these. MDMA seems like it is just around the corner from FDA approval for the treatment of PTSD and other trauma-related conditions. Anything that will get more folks out of their shame caves and back to life is genuinely welcome!

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